Comic convention ticketing

From local comic book stores to conference halls, ticketscript can provide the ticketing system to fit your convention. We’ve got more options and possibilities than the multiverse. Design bespoke tickets, create a ticketshop that matches your site, and promote your event socially. If this gets your Spidey sense tingling sign up today to start selling more tickets.

Social Ticketing

Turn your online community into your offline crowd with social ticketing. Your ticketshop can be directly added to your Facebook fanpage.


Our free entrance management app allows ticket buyers through the door smoothly without the need of external equipment.

Customised ticketshop

Stay on brand by customising your ticketshop so that it integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of your event.

Data Reports

Get detailed insight of user data to better target and plan your marketing activity. You own 100% of the data.

There’s no need to wait. With our dashboard you can optimise all aspects of your ticketing from the allocation right down to the design of the ticket. Use customised tickets, intuitive reporting, and state of the art entrance solutions to sell more tickets.

Brighton & Hove Pride

Brighton & Hove Pride

“With the help of ticketscript, this year we managed to increase ticket sales by 24% from last year. The UK team go above and beyond to help us provide an excellent experience and helps ensure our event is a success year after year”

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