November 07, 2011

Connecting MailChimp to your Facebook Page

A great way to increase your newsletter subscribers is to connect MailChimp’s email marketing tool to your Facebook fan page. This allows people to subscribe to your emails and their contact information is automatically collected in MailChimp, making it easy for you to create email marketing campaigns to send to these subscribers.

The process for connecting MailChimp to Facebook is relatively simple, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a list where all the people that subscribe to your emails will be recorded. Call it newsletter subscribers or something similar
  2. Click on Create Forms
  3. Here you can design the form that people complete when the subscribe to your email updates (click here for more info)
  4. You can select what type of information you use to gather e.g. email address; first name; last name; city; phone, etc
  5. Once you have designed the form – save and exit

Next sign into Facebook and search in the search bar for MailChimp, click on MailChimp app. In Facebook it will come up with a message from MailChimp saying that you’re connected and that you need to set up your form. Click set up your form.

You will be taken to MailChimp Integration Directory. Click on Facebook. It will bring up a page that allows you to add a subscribe form to a Facebook Page.

  1. Select which Facebook Page (if you have multiple) you wish to configure
  2. Select the list to use e.g. newsletter subscribers
  3. Click yes – use signup form tab
  4. You can preview on Facebook Page
  5. Click save

Open your Facebook Page and the MailChimp tab should be displayed on the left of your page. You can change the text next to the icon if you wish.

  1. Click Edit Info at the top of your page.
  2. Click Apps
  3. MailChimp will be displayed in the list – click edit settings
  4. To customise the tab name – enter new text e.g. Email Updates
  5. Click Save and Okay
  6. Email Updates will now be displayed next to the MailChimp icon

When people subscribe to your email updates, their contact information will automatically be captured in the list that you created in MailChimp e.g. Newsletter Subscribers. You will be able to email updates about your events to this list.