August 21, 2012

Continuous events explained

Continuous events can be used for events that run a series of consecutive dates for longer than 10 days. This is a great option for a long run of theatre or exhibition dates. When using this option it is important to note that allocations must stay the same for each date and time slot as these cannot be changed individually.

When using continuous events please be aware that payment will not be made until after the last date of the event is complete.

Exception dates can be added easily to continuous events when editing the date grids e.g. if you are closed on one day of the week you can switch this day off so tickets aren’t available on this day. Tickets can be turned on and off in the ticket type grid as well so if you have tickets that are available on certain days but not others you can switch them on and off in the ticket type grid.

This option should not be used for a event that is on the same night every week for a year.