January 12, 2012

Converting Facebook profiles to Facebook fan pages

Facebook now allows you to convert your Facebook profile page into a Facebook fan page. Profile pages are meant for individuals whereas fan pages offer more features and allow you to engage and communicate with your audience and capture new fans virally through friend recommendations, news feed stories, Facebook events and beyond.

A Facebook fan page also allows you to integrate a ticketscript Facebook ticketshop in ‘one click’, providing a sales channel for your fans.

To read more about converting your profile page to a fan page visit: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=213602951994043

Don’t forget to save your information before you convert your page!

You can download and save information from your profile page prior to change it to a fan page. For directions on how to do this visit: https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=116481065103985

All your confirmed friends and subscribers will be converted to fans who like your new Page. Then you can start promoting your events to your new fans!

Tips for wall posts

  • 2- 5 posts per day are optimal and posts should contain 80 characters or less.
  • Thursday and Friday’s are the best days to post and try experimenting with different times of the day to see what gets better engagement.