November 09, 2011

Create custom fields in your ticketshop

In the latest release of ticketscript’s dashboard there is now the option of adding custom fields in your ticketshop. This will allow you to gather additional information from your ticket buyers. You could ask questions specific to your events e.g. Have you been to our events before; Do you want to be sent an event programme; What is your mailing address; Enter your Student ID card number if applicable, etc

Remember not to go too overboard, you still want to make it as quick as possible for ticket buyers to purchase a ticket so don’t add too many custom fields as it may put some people off purchasing a ticket!

To add your custom fields to your ticketshop, log into the ticketscript dashboard, click on ‘Ticketshop’, next click the ‘Custom Field’s icon.

In this section you can add extra fields to the info page of your ticketshop. All this information can be exported through the tools section.

By selecting “Request full address” you add address and postcode fields to your ticketshop by default. Additional fields can be created by selecting a field type (text or selection).

With “mandatory” you force the ticket buyer to enter or select a value before (s)he can proceed with ordering. “Label” will be shown in the ticketshop. When creating a selection field, enter the option and add more by clicking “add”. The radio button behind the field determines which option is selected by default (none means the select box in the ticketshop will display “choose”).

You will also be able to preview how the ticket buyer will see the info page in the ticketshop.