July 31, 2014

Custom form explained

Custom form is the section that allows you to add additional fields in your ticketshop to find out more information about your ticket buyers. These fields are are found on the ‘Info’ section of the ticketshop, which is the third step of the buying process. All the information collected can be exported through the Reports section.

Additional fields can be created by selecting a field type, that is either a text or selection field. A text field is one where the ticket buyer has to type in the information and a selection field is one where they select an answer from various options.

By ticking ‘Mandatory field’, your ticket buyer must fill out this information before proceeding to the next step. The ‘Label’ field is what will be displayed on the ticketshop and refers to what information you want to find out (eg. is this your first ABC Fest?).

If you are creating a selection field, enter the option in the field provided and add more by clicking the ‘add’ button. If you’d like to have an option as the default one, click the radial button next to that option. This means it will be the first option which will appear on the menu. If you don’t choose from any of the options, the word ‘choose’ will appear.

If you’d like any additional help setting up custom fields, please contact your account manager.

By Vassia Panaouta