October 06, 2016

Custom form fields are here

As an event organiser we know you need to get as much information as possible to make your event successful. Sometimes this extends beyond the custom information our ticketshop allows you to gather.

We realised that to solve this problem we needed to introduce a way to collect data at a ticket level. That leads us nicely to our latest update with custom form fields for tickets!

What does all this mean on a practical level though? This functionality is perfect for when you need extra information to enrich your event. If you want to reward ticket buyers with free gifts, like t-shirts, you can ask sizes at ticket purchase, or if you want to give away a drink to VIP’s you can ask them what they would like. What about just knowing more for your sponsors? You can ask where your ticket buyers work, or what type of industry they work in (please note this can also be done when using the registration channel). There are a huge number of possibilities that can help make your event more personal for your ticket buyers. We’d still always advise to make sure you really need the information, as we don’t want anything to get in the way of ticket conversion.

Interested? Adding them is easy!

First of all you need to contact your account manager and request that this functionality is activated in your account. Once this is done log into your dashboard → Event → Choose the event you want to add forms to → go to the tickets menu → select the edit option on the ticket you want to add forms to → check the custom form box → add the forms that you want for that ticket, and click save!

Be aware that this extra information won’t appear in your final ticket, instead it will be available in your dashboard. You just need to log into your dashboard → Reports → Export → Channels and choose the one you’ve customised. That simple! On top of that, you could create these customised fields for every type of ticket you have, not only by channel. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager. We will be happy to guide you through it!

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