April 11, 2012

Customer Review: TG Productions Ltd

Ok, although it’s against company policy to speak highly of anything – no one will ever respect our hardcore fetish selves if it turns out that we get excited by something like an efficient ticketing system – the guys (and girls) at Ticketscript have been incredibly helpful, so I’ll make an exception just this once…

Even though we’d heard rumours of ticketing systems that make life easier rather than harder as a promoter I presumed these were just folklore and was reluctant to give up our old school method of selling tickets and processing the orders ourselves through our website as technology generally seems to be the enemy and most people who come to us with a system that will “revolutionise your business and free up your time” are speaking utter rubbish and have “solutions” that only make sense to use if you have advanced qualifications in various techie fields yourself… even though I tried to be as difficult as possible and think up as many things that could wrong and thus meant we couldn’t work with them they answered everything comprehensively and have been on hand to offer support ever since.

The system itself was very easy to integrate into our business, our customers have given positive feedback and its been interesting for us to get a data breakdown of age/gender/location of people that come to our parties as well as at what time people are arriving on the night to give us a better idea of our crowd flow. Having e/sms ticketing rather than physical tickets or a never ending list of names has really sped up getting people into our events, and has eliminated the opportunity for people to duplicate tickets or play on “human error” to get into our events for free. In the future we will take advantage of the “guest ticket” function to eliminate the need to hire a guestlist girl and to deal with people trying their luck to get in for free on the night.

Another usual fact is that even if you are too drunk at your own party to hold a scanner efficiently, you can still effectively use them even once they have been dropped and the screen is broken, this alone makes them alright by me, other selling points that party organisers might want to keep in mind when thinking about using Ticketscript…nobody from the company judged me when I didn’t know what a router was, nobody got cross when I called up unable to work out how to upload the tickets (again), nobody shouts when it takes me 4 days after an event to remember to post back the scanner…in fact everyone that we’ve dealt with there has been very good humoured, all in all a very nice bunch of people who have gone out of their way to be helpful from the start. It also seems that the company are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop their technology to do more and more to benefit the events that they work with, so basically Ticketscript have been both efficient and lovely to work with, and actually have freed up some of my time with their product, hence I have time to write a testimonial. Happy days indeed!

Charlotte TG Manager
TG Productions Ltd