August 10, 2015

Day in the life of a ticketscript intern

A few months back we decided to bring in an intern going by the name of Daniel Mendez into our London office. Coming from Miami and en route to Australia, he decided to spend a few weeks here, helping out various departments and getting to grips with the industry. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with us:

What was your day-to-day job as an intern at ticketscript?

In the time that I have been here, no two days have been the same. The first week of the internship I shadowed all the different departments of the company, from access control to sales to the finance department, and was given a look inside of their daily jobs. From then on,  everyday I came in to the office was it’s own unique experience: I worked with the marketing department and was put in charge of designing and coordinating email campaigns that were sent to thousands of clients, I helped with the design of the new website, and even created reports for the executive level that evaluated the viability of innovative solutions to generate sales leads.


How would you describe the office atmosphere?

Before working at ticketscript I had worked in a wide range of offices, of all sorts of atmospheres; but from my first day at ticketscript, I knew it would be entirely different. Not only is the office filled with bean bags, a ping pong table, artistic graffiti on the walls, but the people working there create an incredible atmosphere. Everyone I met has been friendly, welcoming, passionate about their job, and driven. I can honestly say that the most surprising aspect of ticketscript has been the very much palpable entrepreneurial, startup energy that buzzes through the company— regardless of its rapidly growing size.





Looking back, what would you say has been your favorite part of the internship?

Working with the team has been an adventure all the way through. They constantly made sure that I was involved, engaged, that I was enjoying my work, while making the experience fun. I was also taken to the Amsterdam office for a day, where I was able to see the stunning office headquarters, and meet the brilliant company founders. My internship has been all I hoped for and more.

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What will you take away from your time working here at ticketscript?

I learned more and more each day. Working at ticketscript has taught me valuable lessons about running a business, managing teams, the importance of creating an engaging atmosphere, the amount of work that goes in to make sure all the working parts are moving smoothly, and an endless list of other things. The colleagues I worked with everyday, most of all, have helped make this an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, so for that and much more, I cannot thank them enough. Thank you.



Emma Brincat