June 17, 2011

Direct Marketing

Utilising consumer databases for email and text marketing can increase ticket sales to your event.

  • Customer data is very valuable and should always be collected for future marketing purposes
  • Include a ‘Join our Mailing List’ feature on your website and collect data of people who haven’t bought tickets but still like to hear about upcoming events
  • Combine the data captured in your ticketscript dashboard from ticket buyers with other data such as those from your website mailing list into one database
  • Once data has been combined you can “slice & dice” it in anyway so as to identify certain groups, age ranges, address criteria, event/music genre, etc and use this data to promote to these groups using text or email marketing messages about new similar events that they can buy tickets for in the future
  • Use your database to offer customers who have booked for previous events a discount code for your next event if they book online or other promotional offers

Email marketing
ticketscript has chosen the number one e-mailing tool in the world to offer you a seamless, highly efficient and cost effective promotional tool. Email is still an extremely powerful and direct marketing tool and MailChimp delivers all the tools you need to ensure your email campaign is a success. Through the ticketscript dashboard you have access to all your client data which is directly linked to the integrated MailChimp tool and with up to 12,000 free emails per month. Login into your ticketscript dashboard to connect MailChimp to your account.

Bulk SMS marketing – coming soon!
You will soon be able to also promote your upcoming events via mobile marketing which is the most cost efficient method for ticket promotion. You will be able send bulk SMS text messages via the ticketscript dashboard to invite your database of customers to your upcoming event, including a link to your ticketshop. Contact your ticketscript Account Manager for more information.