February 08, 2016

Discover Your Loyal Attendees with Our Loyalty Tool

ticketscript is always looking to give you new tools and features to help you reach your audience. We’re all about helping you building your own brand, and that’s why we have launched the brand new “Loyalty Tool”.

Our unique and innovative new feature allows you to identify those customers who have attended your events more than once.  Now you’ll know who your perfect brand advocates are, as knowing exactly who your returning customers are provides you with an opportunity to personalise your promotional activity, offer rewards and strengthen customer relationships.

Knowledge is power, and for that reason you should spend time getting to know your audience in order to effectively promote your brand, beat your competition and sell more. Know your loyal buyers and reward them.

So how difficult is it to get this information? Not very! Simply go to your dashboard and click on Tools → Loyalty. There, you will find all available events and in a second you will know which customers have bought tickets to your events multiple times.

loyalty tool 2
Think of it this way, if you have a festival, then with this Loyalty Tool you will be able to see who attended the previous edition and therefore, know in more depth which people have always attended to your events. You could then reward them with a two for one gift for your next event, offer a seasonal ticket or convert them into brand representatives. Buyers are more likely to purchase tickets when recommended by a friend, so why not use this to your advantage? Come on then, it’s time to get to know the truth about your audience!