June 11, 2015

E-ticketing: how to customise your e-tickets

E-ticketing gives you the flexibility to customise your tickets. There are two options for customising your e-tickets with ticketscript: default design or ticket design.

Default design

This option allows you to upload an event or company logo to the e-ticket which will replace the default grey ticketscript logo in the centre of the ticket. We recommend your event or company logo should saved as a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file.

You can also add text to the e-ticket in the “Text on ticket” field in the “Edit ticket” option within the “Tickets” section of the ticketscript dashboard. Here you can add information about your event such as promotions, dress code, line-up, age restrictions etc.

Here’s an example of a default ticket design:

trouw ticket design


Ticket design

This option replaces the default e-ticket design. For the option, you can upload either a square or rectangular image. The square image has to be a 1:1 ratio with a minimum of 400 x 400 pixels, and the rectangular image has to be a 1:2 ratio with a minimum of 400 x 800 pixels. Please note, you cannot add text to this e-ticket design. If you’d like to add text, you’ll need to use the ‘default design’ ticket.

As always, it’s better to upload an image with high resolution so your ticket design can look sharper; so something that is 1000 x 1000 pixels will look better than something that is 400 x 400 pixels. Remember, the new ticket design scales images to fit the design, so you don’t have to worry about changing the size of an image, just that it fits the minimum requirements.

If you have a variety of different ticket types, you can customise each e-ticket as required or keep them the same – that’s the beauty of e-ticketing, it’s extremely flexible.

You can preview your e-ticket design by clicking the “Preview Ticket” button in the “Edit ticket” option within the “Tickets” section of the ticketscript dashboard. We strongly recommend you preview your ticket, especially if you’re using the ‘ticket design’ option, in order to ensure the QR codes on the corners of the editable area aren’t affecting the design.

Here are some example of customised ticket designs:

ticket design 2

cream amnesia tix