January 21, 2015

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2015 wrap up

Now that calm has returned to Groningen after another amazing Eurosonic Noorderslag, we take a look back at the adventures, panels we visited and what we learnt.

Day One:
In the early hours of January 16th, we started our journey to Groningen from Amsterdam, beating the morning rush and eagerly wanting to get the ticketscript tour bus on the road!

Oosterpoort, being the epicentre of Eurosonic Noorderslag, is the place where everyone comes together, so it was a no-brainer that this was the ideal place to start #tsontour. We parked the tour bus and Day One had officially started for us. The second the tour bus was parked, meetings and appointments began, as did the number of people taking a peek inside the tour bus. In the meantime, our agenda was jam-packed, and we made our way to the various panels that were taking place at the Conference element of Eurosonic Nooderslag.

Duncan Stutterheim represented ID & T – biggest dance event organisation in The Netherlands – and made many fascinating statements regarding the sustainability at festivals, with Duncan looking to achieve his goal of organising the first carbon-neutral festival in The Netherlands.

Babs Sturkenboom, Marketing Manager of UDC, who coincidentally happens to be one of our clients in The Netherlands., talked about how to get a better understanding of your customers and fans. Babs found success in gaining customer insights through social media. Thanks to data collected from the integration with the ticketscript’s solution, UDC can now make marketing decisions based on data such as which cities to promote in. Other valuable information include the use of videos in promotion due to positive reach and engagements results. Babs also recommended to not use the same content on every platform.

Day Two
Day Two was dedicated to “Ticketing and the Future” panel. Our own Chief Commercial Officer, Jason Thomas talked with Tim Chambers (formerly at Live Nation as SVP International Corp Dev and Ticketmaster as Vice President European Development) and Henk Schuit (CTO of Eventim) about the future of the ticketing industry, and an interesting discussion ensued. Discussions included customer data issues and secondary ticketing. A one-hour panel proved too short, as everyone on stage could have easily continue the discussion; however, the key themes that emerged from it was that organisers are increasingly interested in data, and how you can use it; and that secondary ticketing remains an issue, and difficult to tackle.

We made our way to Eurosonic Noorderslag with the hope that people would better get acquainted with us. We can certainly say that everyone around Ooosterpoor and The Infoversum couldn’t miss our amazing tour bus, some even enjoying a ride on it while meeting the team. We left Groningen feeling we achieved what we hoped for and we already can’t wait for Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016!

Raj Jilka