June 02, 2014

Even MORE data with new traffic and user reports

Back in February, you were lucky enough to log into ticketscript and find your cherished dashboard adorned with fabulous new reports telling you all kinds of marvellous things about your site traffic and your ticket buyers. Well, how about this – we just added more of them. We’re too good to you. Maybe we should register as a charity.

In the “Reports” tab of your dashboard, you’ll now see a few extra options. One within the “Traffic” reports, the other in “User Data”. Here’s what they mean:

New Traffic report: Referrals

This information relates to both visitors to your ticketshop as well as the buyers. Since February, we’ve been telling you how many visits turn into buyers, where in the world they come from, whether they’re on a mobile or on desktop, and so on.

Referrals is the latest addition to this set, and it is hugely powerful. You’ll now be able to see which sources provide traffic to your site/ticketshop and which of them are actually converting. Find out if your tweets sell more tickets than your Facebook posts, or try out different affiliates for extra sales – they might tell you their site has generated X number of clicks on your link, but you’ll know how many of these are actually buying.

This is the kind of data vast businesses rely on to optimise their marketing efforts, but it usually requires you to configure your site with an analytics tool. We do it all for you, bringing this priceless info right to your ticketscript dashboard.

New User Data reports: 

Unlike the Traffic dataset, this section relates only to those who progress through to buying a ticket.

We’ve made some improvements to the City and Age reports already available, and we’ve also added three brand new reports. On any given event for a certain period, you can now also generate data on the following:

  • Payment methods: A breakdown of all used payment methods for the given selection, with horizontal bar chart for visualisation.
  • Delivery method: A breakdown of all ticket delivery methods for the given selection – e-tickets, printed email and mobile tickets as well as tickets sold on the door via the new ticketscript box office solution. Also visualised in a horizontal bar chart.
  • Tickets per transaction: A breakdown of number of tickets (from 1 to 10) per transaction, accompanied by another bar chart.

So, that wraps up the latest installment of ticketscript’s data-crazy adventures – time to get yourself stuck in.

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By Dominick Soar