January 15, 2014

Events we’re looking forward to in 2014

It’s mid-January. You’ve long since moved on from the festivities of December, you’ve successfully dealt with the reality of returning to work for another year and you’re now well into making plans for the months that lie in waiting. So, what’s in the calendar?

Whilst our heritage is particularly musical, we pride ourselves on the eclectic range of events we work on at ticketscript. We have a wealth of different clients who bring people from all walks of life together at their shows, fairs, festivals and exhibitions. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry. Come one, come all. And so on.

Here’s a sample of our clients’ 2014 events, preparation for which is already under way:

Brighton Pride

In October 2013 we announced the special milestone of 10 million tickets and it was Brighton Pride that took us over the mark. The globally renowned celebration of the LGBT community, which dominates the whole of Brighton town centre for one day every year, is set to smash more of its own records when it returns in August.

Southport Airshow & Fireworks 

Taking place in September, the Southport Air Show is one of the largest aviation events in the North West. With over 80,000 visiting over the weekend packed with flying programmes and activities on the beach, the event will bring families together from all over the country.

Secret Cinema 21

One of the hottest events going in London, Secret Cinema’s interactive film experiences have created an incredible buzz and following over the past few years. Dates always sell tickets at an incredible rate and this year’s events during the spring period are certain to be no different.

High Definition

The High Definition music festival is back for 2014. This year will build on the phenomenal success of the past two years, again bringing some of the biggest names in dance music together for a spectacular all-day event in a unique location.

Carpin’ On

In March 2014, Carpin’ On, the UK’s #1 carp fishing event will take place in Essex, covering all aspects of the sport, with over 80 exhibitors/suppliers, tutorial workshops and interview sessions with leading figures.