April 19, 2013

Expanding and Optimising Your Sales Channels

The iFrame provides you with a ticketshop to embed into your website. This format allows ticket buyers to make their purchase without diverting away from your website.

Unlike other self-service ticketing providers, ticketscript gives you the opportunity to connect your ticketshop, using multiple sales channels, to unlimited websites and web pages. You can direct your customers to a specifically designed ticket page and ticketshop, which can be embedded into your site meaning that customers are buying tickets directly from your website.

Expanding Your Sales Channels

Having the maximum amount of sales channels gives your ticket buyers optimum opportunity to purchase tickets. The more ticketshops you make available, the greater interaction you have with your customers, which increases the likelihood your customer will buy a ticket.

ticketscript offers a direct connection to Facebook, as well as providing a wide variety of different ticketshop scripts to embed on websites. Your dashboard also provides you with a ticketshop URL link useful for social media sites, such as Twitter and WordPress.com accounts. This link is also incredibly useful when contacting potential ticket buyers via email, providing them with a direct ticketshop link.

To retrieve your URL ticketshop link (for posting on Twitter and inclusion in email promotion) follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your dashboard and go to the ticketshop tab
  2. Here, you will find several sales channels. Click on the script icon (third blue icon to the right) of the sales channel you would like to add to your additional Facebook fanpage
  3. Copy the URL code of this ticketshop.

It’s also possible to connect your ticketshop to your Facebook fan page directly from the dashboard. To connect your ticketshop to Facebook, check out our blog Integrating Your Facebook Ticketshop. For some event organisers, connecting a ticketshop to one Facebook fan page isn’t enough because the administrator has several fan pages. With ticketscript, you are able to integrate a ticketshop on every Facebook fan page and sell more tickets via Facebook. Follow these steps in order to connect a ticketshop to your other Facebook fan pages via iFrame apps.

  1. Follow the steps above and copy your URL ticketshop link
  2. Log into your personal Facebook account
  3. In the top Facebook search bar search for “iFrame apps” (green profile picture)
  4. Click Get App and allow permission to access your fan pages
  5. On the left side you will find “change page.” Here you can select the correct fan page you would like to add the ticketshop to
  6. In the middle of the page you will see Display Method. You will need to select URL
  7. Paste the ticketshop URL you copied in the iFrame URL box and click on Save
  8. A window will appear offering you the chance to select a fan page. If this does not appear, click on the ‘add this tab to this page’ option on the left-hand side and select the fan page you would like to add the ticketshop to.

The ticketshop is now live on your additional Facebook fan page and it’s possible to sell tickets with this new sales channel. Read our Facebook Tab Blog for more information on enhancing the look of your tab.

Having a ticketshop on all Facebook fan pages will increase the likelihood of customers spotting the shop, purchasing tickets and sharing this with their Facebook community via the ‘share’ option which is prompted when the ticket is purchased. You can also customise each ticketshop to tie in with the look and theme of each Facebook and web page you are connecting to.


Optimising Your iFrame Ticketshop

ticketscript allows you to customise and optimise your ticketshop, so it can match and blend with your specific website style. To customise the look of your ticketshop read our blog ‘Getting your ticketshop live on your website’. Whatever your website layout, you can optimise your ticketshop accordingly, including increasing it’s size. You can lengthen the frame by amending the height number (bolded) within the code that was pasted into the back end of your website.
<div id=”ts-shop”></div>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var Ticketscript={};
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://shop.ticketscript.com/assets/js/ga-embed.js”></script>


More Information on Connection and Sales Channels

Get your ticketshop visible on as many different channels as possible, whether that be direct connection or a simple ticketshop link, and direct and interact with your customers the way you’d like to. ticketscript provides you with a solution you can tailor to your specific needs, allowing you to connect to a huge range of online and social media services. All of our ticketshops and payment services are secure and protected against fraudulent purchases and we cater to international payment options as well.

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By Helen Whitcher