April 24, 2015

Facebook adjusts algorithm again

Facebook recently made a few changes to their algorithm to help you see what directly interests you. They’re now making another three changes that will impact business pages, publishers, as well as events. The aim of the changes is to show content with shares having greater value than likes.

More on the same page
Previous algorithms ensured that there weren’t two messages from the same source on your timeline, however things are about to change. If you’re interested in a page, it will now allow several messages to appear simultaneously on your timeline. Facebook want to ensure that users with fewer friends see more content.

Your friends are your priority
Messages from your friends, family and acquaintances will now be at the top of your timeline. Business pages and publishers will be the most affected. Ultimately, you will still see content from business pages which you’re interested in, however now, friends will prevail.

Value of likes and comments are now less prominent
Previously, likes and comments from friends and family were prominent on your timeline. This will now be reduced. The change was made due to complaints from users who did not want to see what others liked or commented on.

The first change is positive for pages (business) and publishers. The last two however are driven by customer satisfaction.

Users want to have friends messages at the forefront. So you’ll view more posts from friends/ family/acquaintances and fewer updates from pages (business) and publishers on your timeline. The third change means there will be a reduction in publishers reach and the ‘viral’ effect’ that can be created by friends and users since the value of comments and ‘likes’ to pages have decreased slightly.

The changes now mean its more important than ever to have a good ambassador to network and promote your event. Create a group where you can incentivise your audience with free tickets and coins in exchange for social media post shares. No need to worry, even with the new changes, you’re still able to create a viral effect on Facebook.