January 25, 2013

Facebook announce Graph Search

Facebook has announced a major addition to its range of services. Graph search provides the user with a search function, providing direct answers to questions typed into a search bar, allowing you to discover new people and places.

Unlike web search, graph search provides you an answer to your question instantly.
Users can search for anything, from photos they’ve liked to specific questions such as ‘restaurants my friends have been to’. Find people with common interests (for example cycling) by typing ‘people who like cycling’, or find friends in a city you’re visiting by searching ‘find friends in..’ and your city of choice. You can also narrow down your search results by specifying your request with more than one request, for example ‘my friends living in London who like rock music’.

Is Graph Search useful for event organisers?

As a marketing tool, Facebook Graph Search will allow event organisers to target specific audiences, as well as searching and connecting with new potential customers. The ability to find communities already interested in specific types of events creates huge possibilities for increasing ticket sales. Directing new connections to your page will increase the visits to your ticket tab. This tool will prove incredibly useful when driving the sale of tickets from your Facebook ticketshop.

Graph Search is still in the beta testing stage and is only available to a small community. You can be one of the first to use the service when it comes to your area by joining the waiting list. Facebook have assured users that their privacy will not be affected by this new product – “Your privacy settings determine what’s searchable”.

Join the Facebook Graph Search waiting list.

By Helen Whitcher