April 17, 2013

Facebook begin restricting invitation numbers

Facebook has begun restricting the number of invites an individual can send to his/her event. A user is limited to sending 100 invites at one time, with pending invites being capped at 300.

This step is aimed at reducing the number of unwanted and irrelevant invites, which can be an annoyance to some Facebook users. You are granted more invites once people begin accepting. Facebook does provide large capacity events with a range of paid promotion options, including promoted posts and Facebook offers.

Another option is to register your event as public in the Create New Event window. This will allow anyone to see your event. Encouraging your ticket buyers to share your event on Facebook will help promote it.

This is an interesting move by Facebook. These new limits show that social media promotion is becoming more and more integral to the event industry. No doubt this will not be the last platform update Facebook implement in relation to events.

By Helen Whitcher