February 06, 2013

Facebook event promotion tips

Ticketscript allows you to integrate your ticketshop and sell tickets on Facebook easily. Social media is a great way to promote events online. Follow these tips to improve your Facebook promotion and increase ticket sales.

1) Encourage your Facebook followers to interact with the fan page and event page. Ask for feedback, get customers to upload their own photos from your event and encourage them to share content. The more your clients interact with you in social media, the more likely they are to spread the word and increase your ticket sales. Posting questions will encourage interaction with your page. “What are you most looking forward to about [event name]?” will prompt responses and likes on your news feed. 

2) If you run a large event, take a look at Facebook’s promotion feature. For small events this may not be financially beneficial, but big events could profit from the extra promotional push.

3) Promote your posts. It is also possible to promote a single post on Facebook that is important for your event. Promoting a post will allow a much wider audience to see it (e.g. a post revealing your Line-up or a flyer). Push the button “Promote” before you push “Post”. Here you can choose how many people you want to target and what amount you would like to spend. A big budget is not needed for this promotional tool.

4) Basic customer service and query reply times can work wonders. If a customer has a question answer it quickly and if their query is answered ask them to like the status. This notification will pop up on lots of news feeds spreading the awareness of your page even further.

5) Share your event and business pages on your personal Facebook timeline. It’s a simple step but it opens up the customer base to many possible customers you are friends with that did not previously know about your event.

6) Keep it personal. Follow up invites with a personal message. Regular messaging of devoted followers will build loyalty from your customers.

By Helen Whitcher