April 03, 2013

Facebook Event Weather Forecasts

Facebook is increasing the wealth of information it provides about events. Weather forecasts will now be embedded on event pages, along with pages dedicated to specific places.

Sponsored by Weather Underground, the conditions will be displayed from 10 days before an event takes place. The conditions are displayed as a small descriptive picture, along with a temperature and a short condition description. This forecast feature is not currently available to everyone, but will appear on both web and mobile Facebook event pages. Satellite imagery will also be available.

This new feature can not be deleted. It not only allows ticket buyers to plan for adverse weather, but also provides localised weather conditions for attendees to see if they should dress for hot weather or leave their umbrella at home. This tailors the forecast to specific locations, not entire cities, making the conditions more specific. This feature is yet another way that Facebook is allowing event organisers to inform their customers about their event.

If an event is not sold out, a bad weather forecast could make it harder for event organisers to sell the remainder of their tickets. This obviously works the other way around in the case of a nice sunny day. This service will help improve the communication to your customers regarding weather and your plans to tailor your event to specific weather. Needless to say, weather event marketing will sometimes be positive and sometimes be a negative, much like the weather!

By Helen Whitcher