November 04, 2015

Facebook Events: Say Goodbye to Maybe

When organising an event on Facebook nothing’s more annoying than that Maybe button – the button that everyone clicks on and gives you no confirmation of the people attending your event. Good news, that’s all just changed!

Facebook has officially dropped the ‘maybe’ button and instead opted in for an interested button, which if you notice, seems to precede the going tab. The  idea behind this is to make it clearer to you who is attending and who isn’t. Hopefully, it will even spark friends of those interested to join in on the fun.


In private events there will still be the maybe option, but for public event pages everyone will get the interested option.


Don’t think the changes to Facebook events stop there. According to Mashable, more features have been announced that are yet to be launched, so make sure to keep an eye out for the following:


  • Sharing events from within Messenger
  • Inviting non-Facebook users to a Facebook event
  • Invitation receipt notifications for private events – similar to the messenger ‘read’ notification.
  • A Facebook events app


Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to notify you once these features are out. In the meantime enjoy the new ‘interested’ button and keep an eye out on our Facebook feed for the latest industry news.