November 13, 2015

Facebook: One Pixel to Rule Them All

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit drastic, however, Facebook are making some changes that will impact the way you gather data on your audience and conversions.

On average we spend a quarter of each day on social media. With so much contact time, it’s important to understand who your customers are, how they interact with your digital platforms and what behaviours they are performing online. Currently, Facebook advertising relies on two separate invisible pixels (code stuff) to track audience and behavioural information on your website. After a person clicks on your Facebook advertising, these pixels ‘fire’ and are designed to track audience metrics (Custom Audience Pixel) and behaviours such as purchases/conversions (Conversion Pixel). However, as of mid 2016 Facebook is removing the Conversion Pixel and replacing it with the, aptly titled, Facebook Pixel.


So what’s changing? Currently the conversion pixel is a little limited in its capacity to allow for retargeting and dynamic product ads, meaning you could be missing out on reaching more people who are more likely to purchase. The new Facebook pixel enables more functionality and a greater understanding of your customers and their purchase behaviour through the use of one pixel.


What does this mean for you? It means a couple of things…

  1. Your ticketshops will need to be updated, but don’t worry we will do this for you
  2. You/your web guru, will need to update your web pages to insert the Facebook Pixel
  3. Run a Facebook advert and feel the power of the new Facebook Pixel


For more information on the proposed changes visit:

or for implementing the Facebook Pixel visit:


If you have any questions regarding understanding how these changes will impact your ticketshops contact your Account Manager.