April 17, 2012

Facebook ticketing made easy with ticketscript

These days most events have a Facebook fan page where they communicate with their fans. Selling tickets on your event Facebook fan page is a great way to offer your fans exclusive offers like early bird tickets.

Facebook ticketing also provides a way to promote your event through your fans social network, e.g. a fan purchases a ticket through your Facebook ticketshop and their status is automatically updated saying that they’ve brought tickets to your event with a link to the ticketshop. Word of mouth is the best form of promotion, all of those fan’s friends have been told about an event by someone they trust and can potentially be influenced by.

ticketscript’s Facebook ticketing app provides an easy way to add a ticketshop to your Facebook fan page. Bullseyehub an event marketing company has recently released a guide – The Best Facebook Applications for Events and Venues, where ticketscript was described as ‘definitely the simplest of the Facebook ticket apps’. Check out the Bullseyehub Guide.

Check out a demo of ticketscript’s Facebook ticketshop.