October 11, 2013

FAZE Magazine Guest Interview: 5 Expert Tips FOR ADE 2013

At this time of year, everyone in the music industry is gearing up for Amsterdam Dance Event. As a result of their expertise in electronic music, FAZE MAG know everything there is to know about ADE. Lukas Fritscher from FAZE gives us his insider tips on how to get the most out of ADE 2013.

Lukas himself has been to Amsterdam for ADE several times over the years, so his wise words might come in handy…

Lukas has been to Amsterdam for ADE several times over the years, so his wise words might come in handy…

1. Planning your networking in advance

“Compared to similar conferences and trade shows, ADE is way ahead in terms of its organization and the extent to which visitors are able to network.

Each participant can create a profile in advance on the ADE website , with personal and/or business information to help them get found by people they might want to meet. I myself have received several messages and requests for appointments so far.

Without a service like this it would be much harder, or even impossible, to meet so many people of particular interest to me.

It’s great; it kind of makes ADE like an “Internet World for Ravers ” or something – business networking and EDM all in one place!”

2. Check out the Keizersgracht canal hotspot

“With a get-together of so many interesting people from all over the world, the presence of key decision makers and huge names of the industry, I always find it amazing what a relatively small area this all is going on in
The Felix Meritis, an impressive 18th Century building, and the chic 5-star Dylan Hotel are in particular where it’s really at; both buildings are almost next to each other on the Keizersgracht.

Whether it’s due to the smoking ban or the fact that conference tickets are always sold out; the narrow and short piece of the Keizersgracht canal is at least as busy as indoors. This section of the road between Felix Merits and the Dylan Hotel is certainly as important for networking and meetings as the conference itself – you’ll see what I mean!”

3. If you’re at a loose end one day or night, never fear

“In addition to the conferences , lectures and panels there are also a number of satellite events surrounding the ADE, because just everyone wants to be there!

ADE runs from Wednesday to Sunday, and I don’t know the individual parties and showcases by heart, but it shouldn’t be a problem to party your brains out.

Being from Germany, personally I find it interesting to go to events or listen to artists that haven’t necessarily made it big in my country yet – it’s a great place to spot up and coming artists as well as seeing the huge acts.”

4. The hottest parties

“This comes down to personal taste of course. On Wednesday, there is the Paul Oakenfold Perfecto label night at the Westerunie. Neelix and Psy- Astrix are booked for this – I’m very excited.

Friday is the FAZE event which we’re putting on with the local Meanwhile guys, and this is happening in the Stanislavski. A bunch of very cool Dutch acts will play along with Tapesh and Timo Maas as German supporters.

Saturday evening Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo are playing all night at Panama. For me, that’s a must, as progressive sound hardly plays a role in Germany anymore.”

5. Amsterdam Must-Dos

“Amsterdam has damn tasty food, especially seafood. Amazingly central on Rembrandtplein is the Indrapura – you can taste everything that lives in the sea with an East Asian touch. Really to die for.

If you’re feeling fit, it is a great idea to rent a bike and explore the city from the perspective of a local.”

Thanks so much to Lukas and FAZE Magazine for sharing their ADE wisdom with us. FAZE is a leading authority for electronic music in Germany. Check out the site and subscribe, follow, like them on the web for daily news, interviews, charts, dates and news around the subject of electronic music, DJs and club culture.


By Dominck Soar