April 08, 2016

From London to Berlin, BEC’s Spinning the Night Scene

At ticketscript we enjoy working with and meeting people who inspire the event scene. As new faces continue to challenge the status quo in the DJ scene, we felt it necessary to give our clients insight into up and coming talent we’re connected with that can give their events the push they need to differentiate themselves.

We recently ran into our friend, BEC, and given all the recent progression in her career we couldn’t resist introducing her to you. Based in both Berlin and London, she’s already DJed in all the places on the ticketscript office map. But that’s not where it ends, she’s lately spread her talents in the beautiful cities of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Barcelona gaining a bigger following throughout Europe. So, without further ado we’d like to introduce you to this beautiful lady, who is leading a new generation of inspirational talent amongst true club culture:


So, you’re in London right now?

Yes, for the next two weeks. I’m going back and forth at the moment.


How did you start DJing?

Actually, I came around by accident. It wasn’t something I planned to do from when I was young. I have been a graphic designer specifically in digital work and I’ve always had a huge interest in house music and then progressed to techno. At some point I started to collect music. I was with a friend who DJ’s as a hobby and one day he said “you’ve gained such a knowledge of music and you really should DJ”, and I thought,“why not?” That’s when I started practising. I got my first pair of turntables that I swapped for a design of a website which was for that same friend. So I designed his website and he lent me his tech so I could learn how to DJ.


When did your friend encourage you to take up DJing professionally?

It wasn’t actually that long ago, two and a half years ago now, so 2014. And then very quickly I really loved it and it clicked and I started making my mixes and learnt how to produce. Then I met Pan-Pot, the famous duo from Berlin, and they basically asked: “what are you doing in life?” And I answered, “I am a designer, but now I’m also enjoying DJing” and I sent them some of my mixes and that was it. They said I was talented and they started a new label which they asked me to be part of as a female member. And I agreed.

Since then they’ve been my mentors and helped me with a lot of things and very soon it’s really taken off and I’ve played around the world. I haven’t been producing music from a young age and it was a good start to my career. I had some really amazing gigs and a lot in the pipeline, which also led to amazing press last year from Pulse Radio and a few others. These articles put me on the ‘Top 5 or Top 10 list of Newcomers from the Underground.’


Very cool to hear! How often are you DJing?

I have 2-3 solid gigs per month all over Europe including Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Berlin… playing in multiple cities really helps to bring your career to that next level. I was fortunate enough to play in Ibiza five times last summer!


Is Amsterdam also on your radar?

I actually went to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) last October. I played at the Beatport studios and did a live stream alongside Pan Pot! It has a great club scene and I love how friendly the people are there as well.


How big are the crowds you normally play for?

It completely ranges. Sometimes it’s a small intimate club which I actually really like because it’s more friendly and you can connect with the people on the dancefloor and sometimes I play for much bigger audiences. For example, on New Year’s Eve I played in Antwerp to 2,500 people. That was a really good crowd and a good start to the year.


So what do you enjoy most? Smaller crowds, bigger crowds, or is it maybe the general mood that lifts you up? What makes it a great gig?

Sounds a bit strange, but if I make eye contact with the crowd, if I connect with the people that are dancing and I can see they are enjoying themselves, that’s what makes it a good gig. I’ve had some really stressful gigs where equipment has gone wrong or travel plans have been difficult. But when I get there and I am playing and I see positive reactions on their faces that makes it the best job in the world for me!


Now we know your artistic talents: one is for web and graphic design and one is for electronic music. Which one would you like to proceed with for the rest of your life?

I love my design work and that’s what I did growing up. But music is my real passion and of which I get pure enjoyment. If you can make your career something like a second nature to you I think that’s perfect.


Are there any goals or milestones you want to reach?

There are some cliche clubs I want to play at as a DJ, like the beach club Warung in Brazil and Berghain in Berlin, or festivals such as Time Warp. My general motto and advice I want to share and which I embody is: aim high and just do your thing!


Before we end this interview, we couldn’t just walk away without giving you a taste of BEC’s music. Tune into her Watergate set for your pre-party warm up this weekend:



Written by Kristin Michels