October 13, 2016

Future of event ticketing

Working for a company that’s been in ticketing for ten years really gives you perspective on the speed of technological change within the industry. Just looking back at our early years shows how much we’ve progressed as an industry. This speed of change is also increasing which means far-flung ideas a few years ago are closer to reality than ever before.

With that in mind I thought I’d take the opportunity to go beyond the near future and speculate on where we might be in a future where personal tracking and data manipulation reaches its inevitable conclusion. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that I’ve taken a few science fiction films as reference.

The eyes have it

Right now we’re in the age of wearables. Smartwatches, fitbits and to an extent smartphones are the now standard. They are effectively data trackers and enable us to share more data, and more often than ever before. So how could this develop? Forget iBeacons, RFID and contactless. I’m even going to ask you forget the idea of smart lens or Google glass type augmentation. Wearables? Where we’re going we don’t need wearables. I’m talking straight up retinal recognition. Imagine, if you will, that we lived in a world where our medical records were linked directly to our behavioural data and personal information. Add to that retinal recognition hardware and you’ve got bespoke advertising and location recognition.


Forget any need for ticket scanners, queues, RFID, or even iBeacons, just set up a rack of eye scanners and bingo. As soon as the event goer crosses your event perimeter their account is charged and you can start deciding how to spend your futuristic space credits.


Deus ex machina

There will come a time when the next must-have gadget won’t be a phone, or console, or something we use, it’ll be something we do to ourselves. I’m talking about augmentation. If you think about it, it’s surprising we haven’t already started doing this en masse. We already chip pets and livestock – why not ourselves?

Imagine a chip you embed under the skin that provides you with the ease of storing all your personal and financial data. No more worries about losing your wallet. Forget carrying change, just wave your hand and you’re done. So if you don’t like the idea of retinal scanning we can just roll the iBeacons out and a population of ‘chippers’ will make ticketing and event entry seamless for you.



You think that’s air you’re breathing?

Are we on the cusp of a VR future? Are we all going to plug in and vege out for increasing periods of time? For arguments’ sake, in this scenario, I’m going to say yes. Let’s assume that VR blows up in a big way and people start taking bigger and longer trips, actual reality and virtual reality are likely to blur. Are our minds ready for this? Will you know when you’re in and when you’re out?

The virtual worlds become addictive, much more than the real world. As the new virtual world becomes the norm people are going to want stuff to do – enter the new wave of event organisers, virtual event organisers. Of course, you’ll need help selling tickets to these events and who better than the world’s first self-service virtual ticketing company – ticketscript. You heard it here first.

By Shane Mansfield

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