January 04, 2016

Get Fit with ticketscript

As event industry professionals, we know how much hard work goes into making your event(s) a success and a lot of this work takes place sitting down behind the trusty computer or laptop. It’s hard to admit but we are all generally a little guilty of being too sedentary in our daily jobs, so the ticketscript team thought it would be a good idea to start 2016 right and initiate some positive exercise options for the workplace.

  1. Move every 30 minutes

Pretty basic we know, but analyse how often you actually get up and move around the office… you’ll be surprised. By doing this you’ll also allow your eyes to have a break from the screen so you can come back more focused. Go ahead, do it now!


  1. Take the stairs

If you work in a building and your office is on level two then make a concentrated effort to use the stairs everyday. It’s only a few flights of stairs and this one begins as a mind over matter challenge. If you’re not use to taking the stairs it may cause a little huffing and puffing initially but trust us, it will get easier and it’s a healthier way to start your day then leaning against the elevator wall.


  1. Lunges

Add some lunges into your day which can be a replacement for walking. Next time you need a toilet break turn that walk into a walking lunge so you can engage your hamstrings, quadriceps and backside. If you’re a little embarrassed to do this then just wait until you get out of your colleagues view and do a couple of laps of the hallway. If you do this everyday then you’ll start to feel the results pretty quickly.


  1. Team exercise at lunch time

Gather the troops and initiate some exercise in your lunch break. We are all very busy but taking 30mins to do something positive for your body will benefit the remainder of your working day immensely. It’s all about setting targets that are attainable so begin with a team run once a week. Not only will your fitness levels benefit but team building is taking place before your very eyes. This can only lead to a positive outcome right?


  1. Don’t forget about the mind

Being fit doesn’t just mean physically. Our minds are constantly full of stress whether from the workplace or at home and it’s important to clear your mind on a daily basis. This can be done during your morning tea break, on a toilet break, or at your desk. If the term meditation puts you off then think of it as mindfulness. There are plenty of amazing apps out there that can help guide you through this including Headspace.