August 18, 2014

Get More Customer Data, Get More Customers

How do you grow an events business in 2014? An awesome event helps, but there’s more than that. One of the underpinning principles of ticketscript is the importance of event organisers and promoters retaining exclusive ownership of their customer data. This has several components to it, and you can take it to whatever extent you desire.

We’ve written before about how most ticketing companies will take and use your customer’s data, and why we think it’s paramount that that you own that data 100%. Typically, this means email addresses (ticket buyers will have to enter this by default), but you can collect so much more than that with our custom field functionality

Twitter username:

We all know the importance of social media when it comes to marketing your events – it’s where your audience is and where they can help you spread the word to a large audience.

You’ll be surprised how many of your users are on Twitter, and no doubt you’ll want to interact with them. Of course, you can’t force them to follow you, but if you have their Twitter username, you can follow them and say hello, which will encourage them to do so back.

Just like email collection, you’re building your database of contact points which means you can do your own marketing whenever and however YOU want – not just relying on ticketing agents and listing sites.

Marketing Measurement:

With our reporting suite, we do more than any other ticketing provider to deliver insight about your customers and sales. These reports are particularly useful for working out which of your marketing is paying off – for example you can see which sites referred the most valuable traffic by looking at the conversion rate of a particular source.

You can never have too much information when it comes to understanding the return on your marketing. With custom fields you can take this a step further – for example, why not ask where your buyers heard about your event? Typical options might be: word of mouth, social media, email marketing, flyers, previous attendance, etc.

If you never get buyers mentioning flyers, you’ll know they’re not contributing to your online ticket sales.


Naturally, you probably know a fair bit about the people coming to your event already – they like what you’re putting on. But what else do they like? What music? Food? Drink? Are they more into theatre or cinema, sports or video games?

Give your attendees the chance to let you know more about them and you’ll be more equipped to make the right choices when it comes all the different components of your event, from entertainment to catering to venue. You’ll also know what kind of content they might be interested in when you’re thinking about marketing via social media and email.

Event draws:

Ever been to a gig of up and coming bands where, upon answering who you’re there to see, the guy on the door jots a dash against the bands name on a bit of paper? Well, that might still be useful, but this is the 21st century – why not collect that data ahead of time with a custom field in your ticketshop?

Or maybe you want to know which exhibitor people are there to see? Which food stand? Which guest appearance? Are the visitors for your convention coming for signings, to buy merchandise or for the talks?

Understanding what drew people to your event will help you plan for next time, and put on an even better event.

The practical bit: time-saving info

The ideas so far have primarily been geared towards getting more information from your customers in order to market and grow your events business over time. Custom fields can also be used in a more practical sense, however, allowing you to collect extra details which will save time when the event comes around.

Perhaps you need to know whether the guest is vegetarian, or has any other dietary requirements. You might need to make special arrangements for disabled access if required; or maybe take measurements in advance – for example shoe size, for ice-skating, as one of our clients has done in the past.

These time-savers can make a big difference to the smooth running of your event, minimising queues and potential frustration, making for a better customer experience all round.

– – – – – –

These are just a few ways collecting different nuggets of information from your customers can help you improve your events business and take your success to the next level.

Here’s our guide on how to use these custom fields.

Not yet a ticketscript customer but like these ideas? No problem, create your first event now.

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By Dominick Soar