April 30, 2015

Get more from your Facebook page cover photo

Have you ever wondered what’s the point of a cover photo on Facebook and Twitter? Well you should as it’s the first thing visitors see when they go on your pages. An attractive and bold cover photo is not only important for aesthetics, but also for interaction with visitors.

Make the most of your cover photos with these tips:

The perfect size

Your cover photo on a desktop computer is 851 x 351 pixels, with mobile being 640 x 360 pixels. It’s advisable to start from 851 x 351 for cover photos.

If you’re placing text on the image, make sure it fits the framework of 640 x 360 pixels. For higher quality cover photos, save at 150kbs and as a PNG file.

If you’re going to spend money to promote a post with a photo, make sure that if your image has any text no more than 20% of the image is taken up by text. Facebook won’t allow you to promote a photo with more than 20% text.

Make sure everything fits together
Include your brand logo or brand colours within the cover photo. By being consistent you’ll build a stronger brand, especially now that a call-to-action button can be added to your Facebook page. You don’t want your visitors to feel like they’ve been transported to a completely different environment when they go to your website.

Call to action

Choose a picture or design that matches your corporate identity, but to get the most out of your cover photo, add a call-to-action button. Think about:

Promotional giveaways, such as tickets, free trials etc
Your fans in pictures/conference crowd
A major DJ speaker
A quote from a DJ/industry influencer
The date of your event/the release of a new product
The start of the pre-sale of your event

Change and test

Trigger action and emotion from your visitors and fans by frequently changing your cover photo. Update it once a month, however this is very much dependant on your content and events. This infographic by 99 Designs explains what results you can get from a strong design. Convinced yet?

Bob Nagel