June 29, 2012

Get those early ticket sales kick started

The majority of people purchase tickets in the last couple of weeks leading up to an event. We have a few suggestions which may help to encourage early tickets sales.

Sell early bird tickets
Creating an early bird ticket at a discounted price which is only available for a fixed period of time will encourage people to purchase tickets. You need to make sure that you promote the early bird tickets and when they are available till, this will drive ticket sales by creating a sense of urgency.

Use promotional (promo) codes to offer discounts
Promo codes are a great way to offer loyal customers a discounted ticket price. You can create a promo code that is always valid e.g. anyone that enters the promo code receives a discounted ticket or you can create a promo code that is valid only once e.g. one person enters the promo code to purchase a discounted ticket and then that promo code becomes invalid. You could have a limited amount of tickets available for promo code users, so people have to be in quick to gain the discounted price.

Maximum social media networks
Using Facebook and Twitter is great way to spread the word about your event. To engage your fans and followers, you need to post and tweet regular updates about your event. Create a calendar for when you will share information about your event e.g. date to announce event, date to announce early bird ticket sales, date to announce line up/programme/etc, dates to continue to promote early bird tickets, dates that new acts/programme items, etc to be announced, early bird tickets sales finishing, standard tickets on sale, etc.  This will help to ensure that you can regular content to post/share leading up to your event.

Be sure to create an event on your fan page so that when people come to your fan page they can see that you have upcoming events. Put detailed information on the event page and don’t forget to include a link to your Facebook ticketshop so that people know where they can purchase tickets.

Ensure that you have your Facebook ticketshop live and always mention that tickets are on sale and include a link to the Facebook ticketshop when posting information about the event.

Reward your event visitors with early ticket releases
If you have a monthly/quarterly/annual event you could offer a certain amount of tickets to people that attended your event, directly after your event takes place. Offer them a discounted price to say thank you for attending your event and it will get people motivated to visit your event again. This early release just for previous event visitors will create loyal customers and stimulate your ticket sales early on.