April 04, 2016

flow by ticketscript – the features

Our trusty app, Flow, which enables entrance management staff to turn any smartphone or tablet device into a mobile scanner, is now enhanced with additional features to make your life easier.

Gates Tracking feature

You can now link every device using Flow to a specific gate or entrance to gain the most useful post-event statistics. With this added feature you’ll be able to track exactly how many people you’ve scanned in (and out if applicable) to a particular gate/entrance which will provide extremely useful insights into your busiest entries and the peak times of those entry points.

To activate, simply:

  • Login to Flow (please download latest version of the app)
  • You’ll be promoted to enter a gate or entrance name
  • Enter gate name associated with this particular device e.g Gate 1 (if you are only using one entry or would prefer not to use this feature simply select ‘Skip’ and continue scanning with Flow as normal)



Note: This feature is intended mostly for larger events, where one or more devices can be assigned to an entrance or lane.


Sales stats available on Flow

Ticket sales stats are now available for all active events and you can view these in a simple graph or table form directly within the Flow app.



  • Select the menu in the top left corner of the screen
  • Select ‘ticket sales’

You’ll now have access to simple pie graphs with the daily sales numbers and the percentage of these against the total ticket allocation. Simply swipe to the right to view other ticket type stats. For those after more detail on the past seven days sales figures (tickets sold and revenue generated), simply select ‘show detail’ at the bottom of your screen.

Don’t worry, a pincode is required in order to check the sales stats so unless you provide entrance management staff with this code, they will NOT be able to view the data.

Where can you find this pincode?

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Select ‘tools’ from the top menu
  • The pincode can be found at the bottom of the notes section on the right of the screen

Now you no longer need to log into your dashboard if you’re after a snapshot of your ticket sales during your event. Data is updated constantly, so you get a real sense of how busy your event is.

If you require any assistance with Flow please reach out to your account manager. You can find their details on the homepage of your dashboard.