May 01, 2012

Getting your tickets tab visible on your Facebook fan page

With the introduction of the timeline to Facebook fan pages, the visibility of your Facebook ticketshop tab may be affected.

Now that four tabs are displayed automatically under your cover photo, it is really important that your ticketshop tab is one of these. If it isn’t displayed here, it won’t be seen by potential ticket buyers and, as a result, you could miss out on ticket sales.

To move your ticketshop tab (or any other tab), click on the arrow at the end of the top row of icons next to the fourth tab on the right. This will allow you to edit the tabs. Move your cursor over the ticketscript logo to the top right-hand corner of the icon and a pencil will be displayed. Click on the pencil and a menu will appear which gives you the option to swap the position of your tabs. You can then move your tickets tab to the top row.

You can also change your tab icon in this menu. To do this, click on “Edit settings” and a pop-up will be displayed (“Edit ticketscript tickets settings”). To change the text under the icon, change “Custom tab name” to “Buy tickets” for example and then click “Save”. You can also change the tab image from the ticketscript logo to a more relevant image to your event. To change the tab image, click on “Custom tab image”, “Change” and then find the image on your computer that you want to use. Click “Okay” once you have selected the image and the tab image and text will update automatically.