July 12, 2012

Getting your ticketshop live on your website

You don’t have to be a web developer or an IT expert to add a ticketshop to your website. It’s easy to do and it takes less than five minutes to get your ticketshop live on your website. Simply follow the instructions below or watch the tutorial video here.

Customising your ticketshop’s colours
Firstly, you will need to customise your ticketshop so that it fits in with the colours of your website. This can be done in a couple of ways.

If you know the hex colours used on your website you can enter these in the relevant fields. If you don’t know the hex colours you can download a free tool called Colour Pix which grabs the colours on your website when you move your mouse over the specific colours. This will give you the hex colour you can then enter into the ticketscript dashboard.

Once you have all the hex colours you require you can change the colours of the different parts of your ticketshop.

Here is an explanation of what each field represents:
Background colour = background of ticketshop
Font 1 = text in the ticketshop
Font 2 = colour of the drop-down menu in the ticketshop
Colour 1 = middle bar and event links
Colour 2 = top ticketshop completed steps
Colour 3 = top ticketshop steps still to complete

Adding a ticketshop to your website

Once you have changed the colours of your ticketshop and you are happy with the preview, it’s time to add the ticketshop to your website.

Log into your website’s content management system. Here, it’s best to create a new page called “tickets” where you will add the ticketshop. In the ticketscript dashboard, click on the “Ticketshop” tab on the menu bar, then click on the “Embed your ticketshop” icon on the ticketshop line, copy the i-frame code and go to the tickets page on your website. You will need to switch the page to HTML and then paste the i-frame code. Click “Save” and then preview the tickets page on your website. The ticketshop should be displayed and integrated with your website and all colours should match.
Each time you now add a new event in your ticketscript dashboard, it will automatically be displayed in your website ticketshop and tickets will be available to buy immediately.