January 20, 2016

Give Your Event a Wee Scottish Twist this Burns Night

Many of you may know this already, if not, a quick Google search has already given you the answer, but Burns Night is approaching. On the 25th January every year a commemorative night is held, to celebrate the Scottish poet Robbie Burns. You will notice many events being held, primarily, supper events change structure of previous sentence, doesn’t quite read correctly. A plethora of restaurants and pubs will be serving up a menu dedicated to this night, allowing Scottish food to take centre stage, accompanied by poetry reading and whisky drinking. Having a few Scottish employees ourselves, we couldn’t bypass this special occasion, and decided to look at ways you could add a Scottish twist to your events this upcoming week.

Take poetry reading to the flip side

Perhaps it’s not tradition per se, but why not turn your poetry reading into more than just a reading? Turn it into a rap or a musical, just like the famous Lin-Manuel Miranda has done at the White House Poetry Jam. The lassies couldn’t ask for a better address than this.


Unique live entertainment

Of course, you can’t get more Scottish than a kilted man playing bagpipes! But if you’re breaking the norm and throwing a party this Burns Night, a bagpipe player might not be 100% appropriate, or might he? Mash up some DJ skills with some bagpipe playing and you’ve got yourself something pretty original. There’s no doubt your bagpipe player will be putting his all into it, and delivering passionate and engaging live music.


Throw a supper club

Now that you’ve sorted out your entertainment, why not host your own supper club? Our clients, Gingerline, have gone out of their way or as the Scots would say ‘gie’n it laldy’, to put on some of the most creative supper clubs in London yet. Apply their creative skills to your Burns Night supper club and you’ll be bringing in the cattle in no time! Follow these tips to get started on creating a cracking dinner party.


Offer a dram with a twist

If there’s one thing Scots know how to do, it’s drink. Don’t fool them with any cheap whiskey  – these guys know their stuff! If you can’t offer them top quality they then find another way to make your drink stand out. Try out a few different cocktails, like whiskey sours or the highland fling. Even though this particular point in time might be a blur for your guests, make them drinks to remember. Serve up a few of these cocktails.


Come up with a catchy event name

Given the hype of this night you’re going to need to find different ways to stand out in the crowd. The name you give your event plays a crucial part in this, as it will serve as your identity and could remain in people’s minds for many Burns’ Nights to come. Grab a paper and pen and write down whatever comes to mind. Try and link it to the Scottish culture – look for expressions and words they use a lot, such as ‘wee, aye and bonnie’ and tie it back into the night. Look at what others are doing and take inspiration.