March 19, 2015

Guest Blog: 5 tools to influence your online presence and event sentiment

Social media is an important part of every modern event promotion and engagement strategy. It is an intrinsic part of how people experience nearly every event now, whether you’re organising a small networking event or a festival with thousands of attendees – if you’re a marketer, that means lots of new opportunities to get more out of your event strategy.

Social media does however give people the opportunity for people to express their opinions and what people say can be good or bad, but that alone doesn’t determine your social media success. The way your company monitors, listens and engages with these social media messages is what dictates how those opinions influence your online presence and event sentiment.

There is an assortment of social media monitoring and listening tools available for major networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, which can help acquire insights and support your event marketing strategy. Here is a list of tools to help monitor your content, any associated online mentions, and influencers.

NexaMe / Nexology
An important part of any successful social media strategy is quality content. To help you understand what kind of social media content you should be publishing, start with asking yourself, “What interests my followers?” If you have a large number of followers across multiple Twitter accounts, understanding your audiences interests could be challenging.

NexaMe from Nexology is a free app and a great social media tool to jump-start your content search. NexaMe analyses your follower’s most talked-about themes and topics. You can view a tag cloud that highlights connections between topics and the top 10 hashtags used. The app also helps you learn more about your network, including a ranking of most engaged, most active users and most retweeted.

Rankspeed is another free app that will help you discover relevant topics in your network to give you the best opportunity in curating and creating content that resonates with your audience. However, it uses a slightly different method to analyse topics: it filters your social media feed by sentiment, which can be positive, negative, or neutral. The app will also allow you to track all mentions of your brand or your event, and analyse the sentiment behind the posts, to see which ones resonate with the audience. It is important to remember that even negative comments deserve a response and can give you important insight for your event.

Social Bro

SocialBro a free and paid tool (depending on the size of your social media account) to help you find out more about your audience, and help you identify influencers to build relationships with, who in turn can support with the distribution and sharing of your content. Another handy feature is the ‘account comparison tool’ allowing you to run an analysis between your brand’s account and up to two other accounts, for example comparing your profile with other event profiles.

One of the most useful features is their ‘Best Time to Tweet’ report. Their free version analyses the timelines of your top 100 followers, generating a report to show when you should be tweeting to reach the maximum amount of followers, in order to gain increased engagement such as retweets and replies.

Iconosquare for Instagram
With 53% of Internet users using Instagram (with the majority age group being 18-29), Instagram will more than likely be a popular platform for your audiences during events. Instagram’s mobile app makes it easy to manage an account on the go, but if you are managing more than one account, tracking important statistics and likes across several accounts can take up a lot of time. To help address this issue, you can use an Instagram app such as Iconosquare for Instagram which will help you set up multiple feeds, as well as track followers, likes, and comments on your photos.

On top of all the social media monitoring tools mentioned above, Hootsuite Pro provides social listening capabilities right in its dashboard. You can monitor specific event keywords, hashtags, geocode results to a specific location, and much more. Stay on top of what people are saying about your event in real-time, and listen to your customers and competitors to gain competitive advantage.

Using the Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler you can save yourself time and stress, by planning and scheduling your content in advance on your event – focusing on pre, during and post event communications. Hootsuite’s Bulk Scheduler feature allows you to upload spreadsheets with up to 350 messages for your social media networks. If you are too busy to work on a spreadsheet, the Hootsuite HootBulk tool makes the process even easier—all you have to do is fill out the appropriate forms for date, time, and message.

This blog has been written by Dan Spicer, EMEA Community Lead, Hootsuite. Dan is one of our guest speakers at ticketscript talks. Sign up here to watch him live in action!