November 03, 2015

Guest Blog: the Mobile Landscape in 2015

Camiel Verhey, Head of Mobile at MEC (global media agency), will be one of our keynote speakers at ticketscript talks #2. Camiel will shed light on the ever evolving mobile marketplace and the key areas brands should focus on in 2015. Ahead of the talk we asked Camiel to share some thoughts about the industry and where he sees it going. Here’s what he had to say:

We’re well aware mobile isn’t anything new, but its importance amongst brands and consumers remains constant and ever growing. 2015 is the year in which it is still important for brands to interact with consumers on mobile.

Whether ibeacons , smart watches, augmented reality, virtual reality or NFC chips, one thing is certain: directly or indirectly, all interactions link back to mobile.

For the mobile user, there’s so much to choose from. However, the more important question at stake here is how brands, products and services can respond to this. As a brand, understanding the essentials when it comes to mobile is key in order to take advantage of the opportunities mobile presents.

My expectation is that in the digital-out-of-home segment, mobile will play an increasingly important role. Both through developments in mobile payments, and through location-based features. Retailers, restaurants and service providers should take steps to properly navigate the customer journey via mobile.

In addition, mobile apps will be increasingly tailored to the individual needs of people. These apps will, intentionally or not, contribute to the autonomous decisions we make every day. I expect that the proliferation of apps will be even more stagnant, and mobile responsive websites will become an important base in communications and functionality.

All in all, there will be plenty of interesting developments for the user, and plenty of opportunities for brands to respond to this trend in 2015. Mobile’s been about for a while now, so if you haven’t already figured it out, it’s time to start working it into your marketing strategy. 

Want to learn how? join me at ticketscript talks #2 ‘swipe right to mobile marketing,’  where I will talk  about the rapid development within the mobile marketplace and what areas brands should focus on in 2015 to optimize the opportunities within this marketplace.

To attend the live stream, click here. If you have any questions for me send a tweet to @ticketscript followed by #eventtalks.