September 05, 2014

Halloween 2014: A Vintage Affair

We work with a number of scare events throughout the year, but there is one date in the calendar where things get especially gory and ghoulish for everybody concerned. Yes, believe it or not, we’re already into September, coming past the peak of festival season and that means Halloween is only a matter of weeks away.

Hallows Eve comes and goes without really making an impact on your agenda, if you’re not particularly that way inclined. However, be warned, because this year 31st October falls on a Friday, which means we’re all in for one giant Halloween weekender.

The fancy dress, devilish decor and all manner of other terrible tomfoolery will be in full force that Friday night, also spilling over into the weekend and of course Saturday night. So, even if human blood is not your particular cup of tea, Halloween events are going to be a *big* thing this year – but what will they look like?

Themes, costumes and decor

For many, Halloween in its own right is a specific and rich enough theme to stick to for their events. Naturally, others want to push the boundaries and do something stand-out, something innovative and truly memorable.

Every year there are unique spins on Halloween decor and fancy dress themes, some subtly influenced by cultural trends, some…not so subtly influenced. Oh yes, the ice-bucket challenge has become a Halloween costume. “Sigh” indeed.

As ever, there are no shortage of film/TV-inspired costumes emerging ahead of this year’s holiday – the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent and Game of Thrones playing starring roles; for the latter, check out this curated list of creative decorative/food/drink ideas.

As for broader themes…
In the very niche industry publication “Selling Halloween”, experts have highlighted retro/vintage themes and “goth” as key trends in the US this year. With fashion and culture tastes being ever globally synced, perhaps we’ll see that mimicked across Europe too.

Certainly in London, there’s some delightfully retro goings on, with our client A Curious Invitation hosting a series of talks on death throughout the month of October, or Month Of The Dead as they’re calling it.

Need some further frightful vintage inspiration? Check out these fascinating original 1920s “stereoview” images for a window into our horrible history.


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By Dominick Soar

Image courtesy of Dangerous Minds.