December 07, 2016

House party, club party or overseas adventure… New Year’s Eve is approaching. Are you ready?

As our clients, we obviously know you’re event organisers in your professions, and as your ticketing experts we wouldn’t be working here unless we were also event organisers at heart. So whatever type of event you’re throwing this New Year’s Eve, make sure you have the essentials sorted and your attendees walk away knowing they just experienced a party for the ages.

Throwing a house party

Experiencing a well organised and well-attended house party has to be, hands down, one of the most enjoyable events you can be a part of. If no one in your friend circle has taken it upon themselves to host, this might be your opportunity to ensure the party is on point. Remember to:

  • Get your invites out now and make these personal. Let your friends know that they are a key component to ensuring a great night.
  • Get your music sorted. A party without good music is, to put it bluntly, a waste of time. If you don’t have a big collection of music, then turn to tools such as Spotify playlists which can rescue you from despair. If you are choosing your own music or DJing for that matter (a DJ is a great way to create a party atmosphere), then don’t get too caught up in your own music preferences, but ensure you play for the party. You want your audience on board and more importantly on the dance floor so give the people what they want.
  • Provide snacks. Unless you want to be cleaning up the aftermath of someone who couldn’t quite hold down their alcohol, put on some food to ensure your audience remains in control of their night. Pies, sausage rolls, or any other finger foods will do the trick. Cheap & easy.


NYE in the club

If your NYE party is a more professional, ticketed event, here are some tips to ensure your event is the talk of the town in early 2017:

  • Ensure a quick and efficient entrance into the club. It’s freezing at this time of year and you should avoid making your guests wait in the cold for longer than they need to. Let your queues Flow, with our award winning entrance management app. Download now.
  • Special deals for early birds through the door will ensure you fill the club well before midnight so you can create the right atmosphere early on as well as making some additional money over the bar. A 2 for 1 cocktail special between 8pm-9pm should do the trick 😉
  • Bring in the New Year with a bang! Obviously fireworks are not suitable for indoors, but a lighting show, now that can really make a lasting impact on your crowd. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to pull this off. Using tools like MusicBeam allow you to trigger amazing lighting shows with nothing more than a projector.



All aboard, we’re heading overseas

We know you’ve had a busy year and no one would blame you for wanting to jet set for a night of fun and games abroad with good friends. If you’re still undecided on New Year’s plans and this sounds tempting, here are some helpful pointers to ensure it doesn’t fall apart.

  • Keep the crew small. Trying to get 20 people into a club on NYE when you’re in a foreign country could be tricky. By keeping the crew small and nimble, you’re much more likely to be let into the hotspots and also more approachable to locals.  Don’t write-off a house party as an option for a truly authentic overseas New Year’s bash.
  • Choose your destination wisely. There’s no point turning up to a city only to find everyone is in bed by 10pm and it’s just another regular day. Imagine the disappointment on your friends’ faces! Whilst there are plenty of fun places to visit for New Year’s Eve, we can certainly vouch for Barcelona, Berlin or Amsterdam. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Be safe and stick together. The last thing you need welcoming you into 2017 is a tiger in your bathroom…