May 29, 2013

How Sustainable Is Your Ticketing?

Sustainability is as crucial for events as it is for the environment. Traditionally events, especially the larger ones, have not necessarily lent themselves to being environmentally friendly, and with carbon footprint becoming a growing concern, it\’s an issue which can\’t be ignored.

It’s easier than you think to become sustainable. The easiest place to start is at the beginning, with the tickets. Traditionally, when you say ‘tickets’ to someone it often conjures images of physical tickets that arrive in the post a few days before the event. Usually you wouldn’t give it a second thought; however, what people fail to realize – and perhaps it’s time they started to – is the amount of effort that was involved in getting the ticket to its final destination. An industrial printer, an envelope, several road journeys, a sorting office, and finally another road journey. Considering that the person probably purchased the ticket online, doesn’t it seems a bit of a waste, especially when there is a more environmentally-conscious way?

E-tickets and m-tickets cut out the costly middle process allowing ticket buyers to either print out their own tickets, or just present their mobile at an event. Not only are both methods more environmentally friendly, an m-ticket is wholly carbon neutral – but a great way to start your event down the path to being environmentally friendly.

At ticketscript we believe that moving to a more environmental approach is key for events to prosper. Not only does it help save natural resources, it is also a forward way of thinking. As the topic is covered on a wider basis ticket buyers will start to demand it.

We have seen from the ticket sales powered by ticketscript that people are moving more to the entirely digital m-ticket. When comparing year-on-year figures the sale of e-tickets has risen 57%, in comparison with mobile tickets which have risen 104%. This rising audience could be explained by the increased use of smartphones, however this statistic solely accounts for people who have opted for a purely mobile ticket. People buying any ticket type via a smartphone has actually grown by 143%!

As the digital audience is growing and sustainability is becoming an ever increasing matter, it’s important to think about the concerns and needs of your community. At ticketscript, we’re here to help you respond to these changes and ensure that your community, event, and ticket sales grow.

By Shane Mansfield