March 18, 2015

How to Create a Greener Event

At ticketscript we love the color blue, however with St Patrick\’s Day and National Earth Day this week we blended both and made them relevant to the lovely world of events. Thus we decided to help you beautiful organisers and promoters create a greener event.

When putting on an event, an organiser is probably thinking about its brands perception, how to give fans an unforgettable show while providing awesome memories in the process, however, how much is your event doing to help the environment? In this blog we’ll share a few ways you can make your next event a little greener.

It’s the effort that counts
A good starting point is to create an environmental goal you aim to achieve and then work backwards to achieve it. This means much more than having a vague short term goal. You may even assign staff to help reach the goal, if not hire specialists.

Inform your audience

It can appear on the ticket, website, marketing material etc. Highlighting your intention for a greener event will enhance perception and will drive attendees to think ‘green’.

Paper ticketing is a thing of the past, like vinyl records, video cassettes and floppy disks. All paper tickets do are let you into an event, kill a few trees and hurt the environment. Paperless ticketing helps to eradicate two of the three.

When ordering tickets opt for the ticketscript mobile ticket instead of an e-ticket. You can also add this to your Passbook. 

Recycled goods
Attempt to reuse materials where applicable, for example collect resources for decorations from second hand shops or look out for recycling groups on facebook. Not only is this environmental friendly, but helps you cut down on costs too!

Ensure all recycle bins are clearly visible and in location where they can be easily seen.
Place recycle bins in obvious locations with all staff encouraging attendees to recycle correctly. This maybe difficult, but every little helps.

Ask venues for their recycling policies, if unimplemented, ask the venue manager to see if one can be made in the future. More venues are becoming ‘green friendly’. Attendees can come from around the country and make long trips, so better understanding where attendees are coming from ultimately makes venue location easier.

If you’re looking for an awesome new venue for your event, you might want to check out ‘UK Venues You Can’t Walk Away From.’ 

Daytime Saving
The universe gave us many gifts, one being light. Take advantage of daylight. Having an event during the day will save you a lot of money off your next light bill. When using electric powered equipment find unique ways of supplying their energy, just like Innocent are doing with their Unplugged festival.

If it’s a conference, and a presentation is used, advising the crowd to download slides from a website will help cut down paper usage. This method can also help to capture data from your direct target audience.

Help your fellow man … or woman
It would be wise to serve seasonal local foods. It would save money on travel, all the while helping local growers. There’s usually a plethora of leftover food which can be given to a local homeless shelter. Another option would be to donate it to charity. Conduct some research and ensure the chosen charity is eligible for taxable deductions.

It’s a good idea to contact and inform of the events theme or goal – to go green. In doing so you can have necessary paper material printed using recycled paper and reusable bags.

Green way
A simple ‘green’ way of saying thank you can be via email or online greeting. Alternatively, you could give attendees flower seeds.

Raj Jilka