March 23, 2015

How to Create Perfect Promotional Videos

Having a promo video for your event is a must have nowadays, particularly due to recent stats announcing how people respond better to visuals. According to the Visual Teaching Alliance 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. Therefore, a video can be a very effective way to motivate your attendees before, during and after your event. In our opinion, the perfect promo video has a number of key success factors, and we’ve listed them below for you!

These days, most (if not all) video platforms offer the option of watching videos in HD quality, and it’s important to make use of this. A poor quality video is less likely to keep your audience engaged. If you really want to highlight how spectacular your event is then it would probably be wise to look into hiring a production company that uses HD cameras.

Check out this example of HD camera use at an event. Pretty awesome right?

Multiple Videos
To create the best affect you should make multiple videos. You could start off with a teaser to pull your audience in and then create an aftermovie to remind people of the good times they had at your event. However, what about posting a video on the day of the event itself? This could be a nice gentle way of reminding people of what’s to come and get them bouncing off the walls.

Tell a Story
We know them all; promo videos with a satellite view of the entire party or the one focus on the so-called ‘highlight’ of the party: the DJ. Your event has a structure and tells a story, so don’t forget to demonstrate that in your video. Give it a narrative, and take your audience on a journey, from the beginning till the end of your event.

Acknowledge Your Fans
Your attendees make your event, especially the loyal ones! Make them feel special by giving them a spotlight in your video. That way you’ll also get some really nice quotes about your event. Don’t forget to get DJs or guest speakers involved!

The Right Promotion
It seems that Facebook and YouTube aren’t the best of friends. Therefore, it’s probably wise not to publish your YouTube videos on Facebook (unless you have a large budget to promote your video). The best way around this is to upload your videos straight onto Facebook from your computer. Facebook massively supports video content, but only from their own platform. If you share via their channel you’ll notice that your organic reach will be much higher than sharing from YouTube. Don’t forget about your Instagram presence, where you can also create some cute snippets!

The Latest Technology
Are you actively looking for a video production company? If so, ask what techniques and technology they’re using. With this current drone trend it’s like a whole new world of creating promo videos has opened. It’s definitely worth choosing a company that has some experiencing using these drones.

Just check out this fine example of drones in use, and you’ll be sure to be left wanting more!

Visuals help users engage with the content, and such emotional reactions influence information retention. So remember kids, visuals are important, so always make sure to have a great promo video.

by Bob Nagel