February 19, 2015

How to deep link to an event in your ticket shop

We like to make sure that our ticket shop is as flexible as possible. Sometimes it’s necessary to link ticket buyers directly to specific events, rather than the first page of the ticket shop. When would this feature be useful? Normally it’s best used if you have a single ticket theme page which includes the standard shop, and then individual event pages where ticket buyers can also buy from.

Here’s how you can do it…

Firstly on your ticket page embed the standard iframe. You can find this in the ticketshop menu of your dashboard, in the ’embed your ticketshop’ menu. Your iframe code will look something like this –


Now you’ll want to provide deeplinks directly to an event level. To do this go to the event specific page you want to embed the shop on. Again you’ll want to implement the iframe code as above, but you want to make one small change. You need to include the event ID of the event you want to deeplink to.

Where do you find this I hear you ask?

Well go back to the ticketshop menu of your dashboard and click on the magnifying glass icon. You’ll get a preview of what the shop looks like. Click on the event in your shop that you want to deeplink to. You might notice a url at the top of the shop, and if you look carefully you’ll see a 6 digit parameter called ‘eid’ –


Copy these six digits.

Back to that small change you needed to make to the iframe code…

If you look at the iframe code you’ll see a line called eventID:””

Inbetween the two speech marks is where you need to paste the six digit code you just copied. Save this in your content management system and the iframe will now go directly to the specific event, rather than all events.


As usual if you have any queries with this please contact your account manager.

By Shane Mansfield