July 18, 2013

How to export your ticket sales statistics

Export your ticket sales statistics. Your sales stats help you organise and optimise your ticket sales!

Access this information by navigating to the ‘reports’ section of the dashboard and selecting ‘sales stats’.

This reporting section enables you to analyse when ticket buyers purchased tickets, or, which promotion successfully generated sales. This data also allows you to analyse the best on-sale period for your tickets, which ticket types were bought, the most popular delivery method, and the sales channel. In short, your sales stats help you organise and optimise your ticket sales!

This reporting option provides you with information about:

  • the number of tickets sold for an event during a certain period
  • the revenue generated by an event or for a specific period
  • what sales channel or delivery method is the most popular amongst your attendees

To extract this information, select the area you wish to analyse within the ‘Type’ field. You can either choose a specific event or select all, in order to see which of your event was the most popular.

TIP: Remember to set the right time period to get the most significant data. Once you’ve selected the relevant options in all fields, click on the ‘Show’ button on the bottom left to extract the data.

By Shane Mansfield