February 14, 2016

How to Get Attendees Engaged with Social Media

These days social media plays an intrinsic part in getting a brand’s name out there. It’s vital for creating conversations with customers and giving your business a voice. Of course, we’ve also seen the major role it plays in events, from live streaming via Periscope to its customer service benefits amongst ticket buyers. So ahead of our social webinars we got our Social Media Manager, Emma Brincat, to take a look at the landscape’s exciting and vast developments over the past year and how they could be applied to your event.

Live post

The social media industry is so fast paced it’s important that you keep your content current. What better way to engage your audience and potential fans then by live posting at your event? No doubt you’ll be creating FOMO (fear of missing out) moments for those who decided to miss out on your event.

Make sure you have someone available who can take live photographs/videos and post away on Instagram and your Facebook event page.  Don’t forget to have an extra set of hands available to respond to any customer service enquiries.



In recent times there seems to have been a bit of an outburst of live streaming services, from Periscope to Ustream, and now even Facebook with their live video tool. Livestreaming is now easier than ever before, giving you the opportunity to get your brand noticed globally, and you don’t have to spend a dime!

Record videos of artists playing, speakers talking and attendees having a good time. Don’t forget to give your video a catchy title and if using Periscope ensure you tag so it can be easily found. This will definitely create some buzz and interest for you next event.


Encourage user generated content

Hosting a conference or even a festival? Either way, there’s always a means to get your attendees involved and posting about your event. Firstly, create a unique hashtag for your event. This will tie customers’ content to your event, making it easily searchable and measurable.

Secondly, think of creative ways to get attendees using it. For example, if you’ve got a conference you can ask guests to summarise the talks in 140 characters via twitter and whoever has created the best summaries will win an iPad or a free place at your next event. Alternatively, ask guests to snap photos via Instagram and using your hashtag of their best/favourite moments. Offer incentives such as free access to the rest of your events in that year.


Ask speakers/artists to share content

If you’re hosting a speaking event then it would be worth asking your speakers if they’d contribute to a guest blog. Ask them to provide a few pointers, write up the blog yourself and send it across to them before publishing.

Don’t forget to inform them of your usernames and the hashtags you’ll be associating with your event.

Another way round this is to tag the artists/speakers in your content, opening up a means for them to easily see the content and share it with their fan base.


Create a Facebook passion page

A Facebook passion page is essentially a page built around a passion. For example, instead of having a ticketscript page we may opt to create a page called ‘we love event tech.’ This is a great way for unknown brands to get themselves noticed. Brands can be seen as ‘boring’ and people can easily get put off them if they feel they’re constantly being sold to. By setting up a passion page you’re more likely to get people engaged in your content because they’re passionate about the subject. Page likes can also be cheap and reach will be high due to relevance.


Create a Slack interest discussion

You may or may not have heard about the latest hype, Slack. Slack is essentially an enterprise social network allowing you to message in real-time and build topics around interest subjects e.g. #socialmedia. Similar to a passion page, you can pull in people who are actually interested in a given subject, e.g. music festivals. This opens an area to create debate and discussion around a common interest. By taking ownership of such a discussion area you can invite those attendees you know are loyal to you and provide them with useful and relevant content about your brand and therefore, events. Not sure who your loyal customers are? Well, it’s pretty easy with our new Loyalty Tool. If you haven’t given it a go yet, you kind find more information and instructions on it here. If you’re not signed up with us you can also discover your brand advocates using social listening tools like Buzzsumo and RivalIQ.