January 06, 2016

How to Hire the Right Community Manager for Your Event

Are you sold on the power of Social Media, but you don’t have the time to take it seriously? Does thinking about having to create content make you cringe? Then it’s time to hire a Community Manager! To get the best man or woman for the job, check out our 5 tips.

  1. Have a clear strategy


Before we start talking about hiring, let’s discuss your business plans. Do you know exactly what kind of audience you are going after? What are your business goals for the next quarter? If you don’t have a clear strategy going forward, then no Community Manager can help you. First, do your homework and then look for the help you need to bring your vision to life. The best way to waste money is to hire a person without a sound understanding of what you need from them and what their goals will be.


  1. Hire a professional


Don’t hire anyone until you’ve researched their own social profiles. He/she doesn’t have an Instagram account? No interaction on Facebook? Then be very suspicious. A true social media professional will have a carefully curated digital presence. Those folks live and breathe social. Google their name and see what comes up. What does their digital footprint look like? If they’re serious about what they do, then you won’t find awkward pictures or inactive twitter profiles.


  1. Seek industry insiders


No one knows your audience better than you, but that’s not enough. Your social media expert should also be at the same level if you want great results. If your Community Manager doesn’t have an interest in what you do, then they won’t be able to produce great content and bring the right eyeballs to your channels. Your audience will smell fish in no time. In the age of transparency, passion and interest are difficult to fake.


  1. Look for a techie


Does your candidate know the difference between a sponsored Facebook post and a Facebook ad? Have they done Twitter ads before? It’s easy to talk digital marketing, but difficult to get it right. It requires experience and a lot of trial and error. So if your Community Manager has never done paid ads before, then they will be learning on your dime. And that’s exactly what you want to avoid. Also, look for Google Analytics expertise, so they can take advantage of the data that your dashboard provides and pivot your content accordingly.


  1. Search where the pros are


If what you want is a seasoned veteran, you will need to do your research. Try to avoid asking family members or friends for recommendations. This can lead to well-meaning, not so experienced candidates who are looking for a quick ‘in’ to the industry. Asking fellow promoters, on the other hand, will lead you to the kind of results oriented, proven expert that you should be looking for. There are also plenty of online freelancer platforms that you can search for your dream candidate. Try out The Dots.