December 04, 2015

How to Host a Dinner Party to Remember

In the past year or so there’s been a noticeable increase in the amount of supper clubs and experiential dining events. By now, you’ve probably noticed the influx of food TV shows, the truckload of #foodporn Instagrammers and rise of food street vendors. Being a great chef just doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore, especially with the Millennial Generation. People are looking for good food, good company and most of all, an experience. After much inspiration from Gingerline, we thought it a worthwhile investment to dig into what really makes a supper club stand out these days.

Be passionate

Don’t just do it because everyone else is doing it. Do it because it’s what you love. The more passion you put into it the better your delivery is going to be. The more you enjoy it the more time and soul you’ll be willing to put into it. So, if food and art are things that really get you ticking, then find a way to fuse them together, just as Gingerline has done.


Offer difference

Having a clear concept is vital to creating a successful dining experience. It’s important to understand why people would want to come. What difference can you offer compared to what others are doing?

If you take a look at The Little Yellow Door as an example, their concept is extremely clear and appealing to Millennials: plates with mates. It’s a group of food loving flatmates welcoming other groups to their place in Notting Hill every Friday, and throwing an after party once everyone’s devoured their four course meal. If there’s one thing Millennials enjoy, it’s interacting in a group, more so if they’re friends, as our source, Event Manager Blog recently stated.


Transform your venue

Gingerline don’t just manage to find themselves some great venues along the London rail network, but they completely transform the place. They’ve been known to go to the length of serving beverages through watering cans, to getting people to climb up tree houses for their meal.



Two things Millennials love are their phones and experiences. They’re renowned for spending huge amounts of time and money on all things mobile. That being said, make sure to add elements of mobile, such as ensuring  your website is mobile optimised or giving customers to option of using their phone to show their tickets or pay for food/drink.

More excitingly, why not incorporate it into the event itself? Offer your visitors exclusivity and secrecy by sending them texts/phone calls about the location as seen by the likes of Gingerline and Red Bull. If you can find a way to include social media in that mix too then you’ve added an extra bonus! 

red bull campaign


Ticket price

According to Forbes, it’s been shown that Millennials would rather dip into their pockets for experiences instead of manufactured goods. So, as long as you’ve got the right idea that can really give your audience a memory and feeling to take back home with them, then they’d be willing to pay whatever price necessary. That being said, don’t take too much advantage. Be resourceful, stick to what you need and what will add value to your event.


Give back

Try to use local and seasonal food, and make sure you know exactly who’s attending beforehand. This way you’re giving your money directly to the farmers, thereby being sustainable and avoiding unnecessary waste.

According to Event Manager Blog, the Millennial Generation has a strong sense of concern of social good and social impact. Perhaps your food calculations weren’t as spot on as you thought or someone couldn’t make it. Show them you care about them and pack those left overs up in little takeaway boxes. That way they also get to take home a souvenir with them.