August 28, 2015

How to host your own music festival

This weekend marks two of Britain’s biggest music festivals: Reading and Leeds. Today, the festivals attract huge headliners such as Metallica and Mumford and Sons, but Reading Festival had humble beginnings, starting in 1961 as a marquee at the National Jazz Festival in Richmond, Surrey. Even the biggest festivals have to start somewhere, so here are a few top tips on how to start your own successful music festival.

Find support

This is where a lifetime of networking will come in handy! Call upon friends, acquaintances – basically anyone you can think of – to support your festival and provide advice to get things moving. Reach out on social media or better yet, call them up directly. If they share your vision, bring them on board.


Get funding

Before you start on the little details, make sure you’ve sorted out a budget. This means looking into cost estimates so you can set a target amount to raise. Start with friends and family before moving on to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.


Follow regulations

Boring stuff, but somebody has to do it. Get your local council onboard with your plans from the get-go. Make a checklist so you can see that you’ve ticked off all the necessary paperwork and have all the required permits for hosting a public event.


Think about the whole package

Whether your festival is about art, music or theatre, try and think beyond the performances. A well-organised event covers things like food, drinks, games, parking and much more besides. Try to anticipate what your crowd would want and plan along those lines.


Start building the buzz

Once you’ve got your festival planned, start spreading the word! You’ll need to create a strong social media presence, send out marketing emails and make sure you’re using the right ticketing service to ensure a sell-out event.


Whatever the event, we can help you get it up and running. For more help and advice on going it alone, start creating your event with ticketscript today.