November 05, 2012

How to integrate a ticketshop into your WordPress blog – ticketscript

Do you use or Depending which one you use will dictate how you can integrate your ticketshop. Regardless of your platform ticketscript has a solution that will allow you to sell tickets through your site. Follow these easy steps –


Step 1: Finding the ticketshop’s URL link

1) Once you have created your new event, go to your Dashboard and click on Ticketshop.

2) Click on script icon on your ticketshop channel.

3) The link you require is labelled URL.

Step 2: Post on your WordPress page

1) Log in to your WordPress account and hover over the account name in the top left corner, clicking on Dashboard.

2) Click on Pages then Add New to create your new page.

3) Give your page a title, such as Ticketshop, to make it easy for your clients to find.

4) Write a small description and post the URL link. Alternatively you can hyperlink a particular word (such as Ticketshop) to the URL link using the insert link function in the toolbar above the text box.

5) Tick the box to allow the link to open in a new window/tab. This will allow your customers to divert right back to your WordPress page once they have made their purchase.

6) Click on Publish to create the page. It will appear on the main menu bar on your WordPress page.

For SEO you can also name your new page the same as your event. Don’t forget to tag the page. You can create pages for each separate event, you will need to include the event link instead of the ticketshop link. If you require any help with this, please contact your account manager.

Unfortunately due to restrictions on the platform you will not be able to embed the ticketshop.


The process of embedding your ticketshop is much easier on Firstly you will need to download an iframe plugin for your wordpress site. There are lots available, we recommend Advanced iFrame, however as long as you’re comfortable with the plugin any will work.

1) Create a new page on your WordPress account.

2) Give your page a title and follow the instructions given with the plugin. You’ll need to include the ‘short code’ in the content of this new page as this won’t be stripped by wordpress. 

3) Go to your plugins section and select your iframe plugin. You’ll need to populate the fields with the url of the ticketshop. This can be found as per the instructions above for users. Depending on your iframe plugin there will be a host of other options – have a play until you get the desired effect.

4) Save your changes and double check your site in the live environment. Congratulations your ticketshop is live!

For more information on the differences, benefits and cons to both and visit:

By Shane Mansfield