March 14, 2016

How to Leverage PR for Your Event

It’s hugely beneficial for your event if you can influence the media (journalists, bloggers, vloggers) to help generate that buzz that ensures the public are talking about your event and how they can’t wait to attend. If you can acquire the help from key media contacts, the rest should follow as peer-to-peer recommendations start to take over organically.

Have you thought about your PR strategy? Here are some helpful tips and insights to get you thinking in the right way.


Go guerilla

There is nothing better to get both the media and public talking than an unconventional, potentially controversial marketing/PR stunt. With a lot of competition in the events industry, it can often feel like many events offer a similar experience so why not try and make yours stand out whilst they are still making up their minds on what tickets to purchase.

You can always draw from examples outside of events which have caused a flurry of PR activity. A recent example around the launch of ‘Damien’, (new TV series based on the 1976 film ‘The Omen’), saw various street teams pretending to be religious protesters. They held up signs, passed out pamphlets and generally created a scene at major NYC locations. It was on brand, timely (the premiere was that same night), and bold. Everything a guerilla campaign should be. Read more here


Go old school, meet face-to-face

It may seems like an odd thing to say, but the fact that we can communicate with essentially anyone we need to via email or social media can have its downsides. Being able to tag a journalist in a tweet so you can potentially be retweeted might seem like a beneficial exercise and we’re not saying it isn’t. However, if you work on forming a more meaningful working relationship with that journalist by taking the time to travel to his/her office and explain why your event is so special, you’re likely to get much more support. Think about how often you multi-task on a daily basis, the journalist is likely listening to music, chatting to his/her neighbour at work and scrolling through hundreds of tweets as yours pops up. By securing that face-to-face meeting you are guaranteed their full attention to win them over and ensure they become a valued advocate for your event.


Exclusivity can create the most noise

Try to establish the most relevant journalist or media partner who can really get the word out about your event. Once you’ve motivated the lucky candidate, offer them something special that only their publication will have access to. This could be the one interview with your headline act, exclusive VIP packages to giveaway, or access to announce the line-up 24 hours before other media partners. By offering this exclusivity over other partners you will receive a much more focused and extensive PR push from the partner. Obviously you don’t want to burn bridges with other journalists/media so make sure you keep them on side with other opportunities around your event. As long as you’re upfront and honest (with a PR spin of course), you should be able to keep various journalists happy and on side.


* The ticketscript playbook is loaded with helpful tips on budgeting, marketing, content creation and entrance management for your event.